Two Foot Photoshop Mandala

Artist Don Faia and I worked on this 24″ mandala as a gift from our colleague, Dave Bernard, to his friend and client, Dave Cianciulli. The mandala is an expression of Cianciulli’s stunning historic property in Ojai, CA, which he and his wife, Erica, are rennovating to become a Retreat Center. Details on that project to follow. Creative Direction: Don Faia  • Production: BBCS

Naming is Dead. Long Live the Name.

In my career as a copywriter I have done a lot of naming, usually in the whimsical realm, like the billion dollar “C Monster” for Odwalla back in the ’80s (I earned about six bucks for that, thank you). I like to think we started something in the early days of authentic marketing, before Branding was a thing. Any hooooo. Aside from Jon Stewart’s name for a certain presidential candidate  and the brilliant “other” name of the RRS Sir David Attenborough,  a good name is getting harder to find, which is why I resort to entertaining myself by harvesting names for bands. Each one has a story, for me anyway…

Band Names

Socks on a Hardwood Floor
Outcluding Grandma
Jonny’s Pompadour
Foam Finger
Tom Brady and the Flaming Douchebags
Bohemian Insouciance
Benign Mystery
Dearies in the Headlights
Battlestar Sciatica
Bitchin’ Discount
The Watts Line
Dicey & Cozy
Not a Dick
Sticky Licorice and the Wet Wipes
The Pheramones
Reason and Aesthetics
Crass Bastards
Compelling Combo
Statutory Hiatus
Stench Detector
Super Probably
Hauling Amish
Quid Pro Quo
Throat Lump
See Me
Chords Akimbo
Lusting After a Telecaster
Vindictive Mortician
Caesar’s Shift
Gallic Shrug
Perigee Falcons
Extra Special Messy
Conjugal Bedheads
Kitty Clowder
Ear Regardless
Eerie Guardless
Exotic Matter
Mandibular Petipalps
Misty Grotto
Thinking & Overthinking
The Bloviators
Wrinkled Weekend
Jumpable Librarians
Insidious Loopholes
Then Don’t
English Teeth
Offending Feces
Subtle Ruse
What Bladder?
Chuy’s Dad
Randy’s Squirrels
Dysfunctional Flap
Saki’s Tuffet
Perky Bosom
Ron’s Slobber
Soggy Tag Along
Shortzian Feint
Koko’s Kittens
Sugar on the Rim
Edith Bunker’s Rabbit
Ernie’s Eyebrows
Auric’s Finger
Hawk Lugie and the Expectorants
Irritable Bowel
Sweeney’s Gut
Good in the Back
Tizzy Ridden
Icky and Tipsy
Irreverent Rhetoricians
Rhetoricians of Antiquity
Cosmic Imperative