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Naming is Dead. Long Live the Name.

In my career as a copy writer I have done a lot of naming, usually in the whimsical realm, like the billion dollar “C Monster” for Odwalla back in the ’80s (I earned about six bucks for that, thank you). I like to think we started something in the early days of authentic marketing, before Branding was a thing. Any hooooo. Aside from Jon Stewart’s name for a certain presidential candidate  and the brilliant “other” name of the RRS Sir David Attenborough,  a good name is getting harder to find, which is why I resort to entertaining myself by harvesting names for bands. Each one has a story, for me anyway…

Band Names

Auric’s Finger

Bad Bubbles


Battlestar Sciatica

Benign Mystery

Bitchin Discount

Bohemian Insouciance

Bologna Pony


Caesar’s Shift

Cheesy Ruse

Chords Akimbo

Chuy’s Dad

Compelling Combo

Conjugal Bedheads

Cosmic Imperative

Crass Bastards

Dearies in the Headlights

Dicey & Cozy


Duct Tape Dilettantes


Dysfunctional Flap

Ear Regardless

Edith Bunker’s Rabbit

Eerie Guardless

English Teeth

Ernie’s Eyebrows

Event Horizon

Exotic Matter

Extra Special Messy

Fig Pickers

Foam Finger

Gallic Shrug


Good in the Back

Hauling Amish

Hawk Lugie and the Expectorants

Holy Bones

Icky and Tipsy

Insidious Loopholes

Irreverent Rhetoricians

Jonny’s Pompadour

Jumpable Librarians

Just Getting Good

Just Pick One

Just Warming Up

Kitty Clowder

Koko’s Kittens



Mandibular Petipalps

Mise en Place

Misty Grotto

Musth Rumble

Not a Dick

Outcluding Grandma

Penguins’ Pebble

Perigree Falcons

Perky Bosom

Pick a Fig

Popomo Mongrels


Quid Pro Quo

Reason and Aesthetics

Rhetoricians of Antiquity

Ron’s Slobber

See Me

Shortzian Feint

Socks on a Hardwood Floor

Soggy Tag Along

Statutory Hiatus

Stench Detector

Sticky Licorice and the Wet Wipes

Subtle Ruse

Sugar on the Rim

Super Probably

The Bloviators

The Crepusculators

The Pheramones

The Tidbits

The Watts Line

Then Don’t

Thinking & Overthinking

Throat Lump

Tizzy Ridden

Tom Brady and the Flaming Douchebags

Vindictive Mortician

What Bladder?

Wrinkled Weekend


Columbia Gorge Organic Varietals

New Cogo Juice Labels

New Cogo Juice Labels

Our friends at CoGo have done it again! We’re happy to team with them as they continue to innovate great organic juices on their family farm. The company has recently come out with a special line of delicious varietals featuring the best fruits of the season, with a new design that gives a nod to vintage fruit crate art.

By the way…If you drink premium juices, stop supporting big corporations (pretty much everyone but Columbia Gorge Organic) and buy local, buy from families, buy from small farmers…Buy CoGo!

Visit CoGo Site

Environteers is Live!

Logo for Environmental Advocacy Group

Logo for Environmental Advocacy Group

The good team at has launched their project, and response has been grand. PDX Native was tasked with creating a site that could connect people to environmental volunteer opportunities and events in Santa Cruz County.

Check Out the Website >

Michele Faia Book II

BBCS Book Production

BBCS Book Production

Michele Faia has just published her second book, Awakened by the Flowers: Channeled Messages and Watercolor Mandalas, documenting her healing from cancer with the help of channeled messengers who guided her through the rainbow, encouraging her to create a stunning array of mandalas. PDX Native was delighted to produce the book for her. Book Design by Don Faia.

Visit Michele’s Site >